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It seems from my mail that this Francis Drake web site has become a resource for grammar school students and their teachers, both in the U.S. and in the U.K. Additionally, I have been fielding a steady stream of school-project Drake-related e-mail inquiries. In one instance (in a public school in Washington State) a teacher using this site (in part) has centered an entire year's curriculum on the circumnavigation, using it as a vehicle to teach all sorts of subjects - history, biology, math, and so on.

In order to encourage such activities I am incorporating some results of such projects in this section. The idea is to post here both student work (text and graphics) related to Drake and reports or comments by teachers. Student work need not be scholarly; it can be humorous, fictional, poetic or artistic - whatever. Teachers' contributions might range from simple comments to suggested lesson plans. Should anyone be a bit shy, students' and teachers' names will be published or not, as requested.

In the case of graphic material, if the contributor does not have a scanner available that chore can be handled here.

So, please consider sending some material soon!

Here's what's been sent in so far:

Please send more material for this section!

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