by Jake B., Grade 4, Sisson School

The first to sail around the world. He had great self confidence. Sir Francis Drake did not go to school in his early years. Drake was born in Devonshire sometime in the 1540's. No one is certain of the exact date he was born. In 1549 his family moved to Rochester England Sea Port. He was the oldest of 12 boys in the family.

He went to sea in the 1550's as a very young boy. His captain was very old and when he dies he left the ship to Sir Francis Drake as the old captain had no family.

Drake married twice in his life. He never had any children.

In 1577 he renamed his ship from the Pelican to the New name of the Golden Hind. In 1577 Drake took a trip around the world and it took him three years to go around it. He meet native Indians while he was in California. He treated the indians with interest and respect. He gave them gifts and the Indians gave in him back.

Sir Francis Drake died in the year of 1596 by a Tropical Disease called the "Bloody Flux", (yellow fever). He was at sea when he died and the ship mates put him in a lead coffin and barried him at sea.

~ End of Jake's Report ~

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