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Francis Drake in Nova Albion - The Mystery Restored


Oliver Seeler

- being an examination of the long and as yet inconclusive search for the former whereabouts on the waters and shores of the Northwest American coast in the year 1579 of the circumnavigators and their ship, the Golden Hind, including especially close analysis of scholarly blunders, popular myths and disingenuous postulations surrounding various claims that Francis Drake's lost harbor has ever been found -

Throughout these web pages there is mention of my yet-unpublished book-length manuscript Francis Drake in Nova Albion - The Mystery Restored. This work was completed about two years ago, and it seemed then that arrangements for publication were on track. However, circumstances have changed and the book is still in need of a publisher. For that reason I am presenting here a description of the manuscript, along with some commentary not found elsewhere on this web site.

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