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Excerpt from the Foreword by Francis Herbert

"... As a literary parallel to the careening and cleansing of a vessel of barnacles and debris, this work on Drake's Northwest American episode by Oliver Seeler (of Albion, California, situated within Drake's 'Nova Albion') is exemplary. From the evidence of an ever continuing stream of mis-informed and mis-guided publications - even in 1997 - it should, like a book of sailing directions, be required reading (and consideration) preliminary to any studies on the subject...."

Francis Herbert,

Curator of Maps, Royal Geographical Society, London
President, Society for the History of Discoveries
Council Member, Hakluyt Society

Author's Note: Some of this material is adapted from or relates to my yet-unpublished book Francis Drake in Nova Albion - The Mystery Restored, in which these and neighboring thickets are explored much more deeply than on these few web pages. Thus there may be references here not fully explained, or answers missing their questions. Also lacking here is documentation, provided in the book by 782 endnotes. - Oliver Seeler

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