Selected Works on the Circumnavigation & the Lost Harbor

Title Page: The World Encompassed

New! A Transcription of the Nova Albion passages from The World Encompassed

The World Encompassed By Sir Francis Drake, published in London in 1628, is by far the most detailed account of the circumnavigation to come from a time when at least some of those who took part in this great adventure were still alive. It is also enigmatic, and is the subject of much analysis and a source of confusion and controversy. Even the title page, reproduced above, has caused problems - at first glance it appears to state that the book was written by Sir Francis Drake. This was not the case, but there was a Sir Francis Drake - the explorer's nephew and heir to his title - involved in the production of the book. There is no author given on the title page; the "By ... Drake" refers to by whom the world was encompassed, not to who wrote about it.

In the centuries since the World Encompassed was published it has often been reprinted in part or whole, and those reprints have been extensively quoted. But accurate reprints, even of short passages, are extremely rare; this has caused all sorts of havoc among scholars who did not realize (though often they should have) that they were not working with true copies of the original. Publishers who have unwittingly put their imprint on bogus renditions of this work come from all sectors of the trade and include the University of California, the California Historical Society, Oxford University Press, the United States government, the Hakluyt Society and numerous commercial presses large and small. Scholars who have used such inaccurate renderings of the World Encompassed are also a varied lot, ranging from academic giants such as Dr. Alfred Kroeber through popular historians such as Samuel Eliot Morison to enthusiastic amateurs like John Robertson.

All of this is mentioned here because the chaos and confusion surrounding the literature of the circumnavigation as a whole - not just the World Encompassed - has enabled less than careful and sometimes less than scrupulous proponents of pet theories to make invalid claims that are difficult to challenge, and that add to the pandemonium. Unfortunately, nearly everyone who has ever written about the famous voyage has tripped and fallen somewhere along the line, sometimes in spectacular fashion. Thus anyone now wishing to understand the issues, let alone analyze them, is at great risk of being misled, regardless of what is read. The only hope is to begin anew, by reading the original material - at least the narratives of the voyage in Hakluyt and in the World Encompassed - in facsimile editions. This is not too difficult, and with true copies at hand and in mind it becomes possible to spot the delusions and deceptions of those who would have us believe that they have solved the mysteries of the circumnavigation.

This bibliography is far from complete. It includes only some of 100 or so works cited in my forthcoming book Francis Drake in Nova Albion - The Mystery Restored. The listings are not annotated, because two chapters of the book contain extensive commentary on many of these works; in the future, I may add some comments here. Most if not all of the listed material is out of print and difficult to find, even in large libraries. If you have specific needs for any of this material and can't find it, feel free to e-mail me and I will try to direct you to a source. - Oliver Seeler

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Author's Note: Much of this material is adapted from my forthcoming book Francis Drake in Nova Albion - The Mystery Restored, in which these and neighboring thickets are explored much more deeply than on these few web pages. Thus there may be references here not fully explained, or answers missing their questions. Also lacking here is documentation, provided in the book by 782 endnotes. - Oliver Seeler

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